FANSe2 just does mapping. You need a bunch of other utilities to perform the whole analysis of next generation sequencing.

Name Function
Make statistics on read length distribution and nucleotide composition. Supports FASTQ format and FANSe mapping result format.
Remove the spaces in the FASTA name of reference sequences. It was originally designed to rename the RefSeq-RNA database, but you can also use it to process other FASTA format reference sequence files.
Prefilter the input FASTQ reads for their length and quality, remove adapter sequence and rename the read name to remove spaces.
Quantify the gene expression level using RefSeq-RNA database as reference sequence. It exports read count and rpkM for each gene.
FANSe-CG (CorrectGenome)
Use the mapped reads to identify SNVs and correct genome sequence of prokaryotes.


Most of these utilities runs under Windows. You may need to install Microsoft .NET framework to run them. Click here to download.

Icon Meaning
This tool needs Microsoft .NET framework to run.
Runs under windows (windows 7 tested)
Runs under windows (windows 7+8 tested)