FANSe2 Download

Prerequisite: 64-bit operating systems! We have tested these versions in Windows 7 64-bit and Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit.

Please choose the proper version according to your system and demand.

Operating system Distributive parallelization Download
Windows (x64) No (single computer) Program   Manual     Video Tutorial
Yes (multiple computers) Program   Manual
Linux No  


Caution: This freely downloaded version of FANSe2 is only for research purposes. Any commercial or clinical usage of this version of FANSe2 is prohibited.

We strongly recommend you to read manual before use!

Distributive parallelization: Spread the mapping work across multiple windows computers interconnected with LAN. For performance reason, gigabit LAN (GB LAN) is strongly recommended. Network interruptions or high delay may cause failures of the mapping, therefore please make sure that you have a stable network connection.

The versions without distributive parallelization support can use all cores in one computer or in a well-configured cluster.

The pre-compiled .exe programs for windows version are compiled with SSE4 optimization for Intel Nehalem or higher processors. For older processors please contact us to recompile with appropriate optimization paramters.


About the linux version: Unfortunately we do not maintain the linux version any more due to various distribution versions of linux. The same code may behave differently in different linux systems. To avoid tons of such questions, we do not offer download of linux version. Thank you for your understanding.