Download ReadsStat 3.0

This tool makes statistics of read length distribution and nucleotide composition. You can put in both FASTQ format reads and FANSe mapping result file.

This tool runs under Windows 64-bit and requires .NET framework 4.0.


How to use

1. Click here to select one file. The file format will be automatically detected (FASTQ or FANSe result format).

2. If the auto detect file format is wrong, please specify the file format here. Otherwise the program will trigger an error while processing the file.

3. For FANSe result files, the reads mapped with more than the specified number of errors will be discarded. -1 means no error number limit and process all reads.

4. For FANSe result files, you can make statistics only for reads that mapped to certain genes. Wildcard is allowed. For example, you use NCBI RefSeq RNA database as reference sequence. Set "NM_*" means that you make statistics only for the reads that mapped to protein-coding mRNA sequences.

5. If all the things are set, click here to start the statistics.

6. The statistics will be shown here.

7. If processing FANSe result file, the read length distribution will be directly shown here.

8. Save the chart in (7) to disk.